FastGo & Smart Go


Along with high quality of service, we associate with many reputable taxi companies and drivers, you will have more choices for your trip.


FastGo provides a variety of payment methods. FastGo customers will get 5-15% cash back for each ride.

Lowest Price

FastGo commits our prices are always lower than any others'. We'll pay back 3 times if customers recogize that our prices are higher than the others'.


Why should you choose FastGo?

You need to book a car for your trip? Instead of remembering phone numbers of many taxi companies or worrying about price changes, just use FastGo to book a ride and enjoy your journey.

Join with other millions of people choosing FastGo to be the main transport to go to wherever you want. The next time you need a ride, no need to go by bus or traditional taxi. Just use FastGo!

Available on the
iOS App Store
Available on the
Google Store

Amazing functions

Easily book a ride

There are only two choosing steps. Then it takes only few minutes waiting for the driver to start your ride.

A variety of choices

Optionally choose the type of car, car brands and service that suits your needs.

Safe trip

Apart from best ride quality with apparent route showing on the app, each ride will be ensured with Fast Protection insuarance package.

Ease of payment

No need to worry about fluctuant prices or not having enough cash, FastGo provides a variety of payment methods.

Rate - Listen

Rating and sending your feedbacks about your ride will help us improve the service.

Personal management

You can check your ride details in history: time, location, car information and price.

Easy to use

Step 1: Install the app

Download FastGo App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. Open the app to start.

Step 2: Book a ride

Fill in your destination and choose a type of transport. Then you will see the price and the amount of waiting time for the drivers.

Step 3: The journey

You will see the driver's avatar and details of the car. You can check on the car's route coming to pick you up.